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Montana Sunset

Our Story

Dynamite Acres is a family ran and operated farm. Three generations live on our land, and everyone has their niche that they enjoy.


We provide custom crochet gifts, candles, goats milk soap, goats milk lotion, fresh garden produce, honey, fresh chicken eggs, pigs, rabbits, goats, compost, and a variety of products from the apples grown in our orchard.


With generations of knowledge we use sustainable farming practices to live with nature leaving as small of an economical foot print as possible. When we do buy grain or supplies we buy local, top quality resources. We pasture raise our animals and rotate our grazing ground so we do not over graze our land. We have a natural creek that flows around the edge of our property, and enjoy the variety of wildlife that resides with us at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains in Montana. 

Dynamite Family, The Howlett's
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