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New additions!!

We were blessed with two little angels on Thanksgiving. It was brought to our attention that someone had a doe that rejected her twins; so we adopt them! Our teenagers are not real fond of the late night or early morning feedings, but they have stuck with it so far. Both goats are does (female). The white one is Pocahontas, and the spotted one is Gracie. These girls are 1/4 saanen, 1/4 Kiko, and 1/2 Boer and sweet as can be. We hope that in a couple years they will join our milking herd. They are enjoying their temporary home in front of the fireplace. In a couple weeks they will move to the (chicken) brooder house. There is a entry way to the brooder house that is also heated so they will live there and keep our chicks company. Then on nice days they can all go outside and play together!

Pocahontas and Gracie are almost three weeks old! I can not believe how fast the time has gone. These darlings are wonderful. They are still in the house which has it's challenges. They are doing wonderful! Gracie is beyond ornery, and Pocahontas is very sweet. They were checked out our incredible veterinarian last Thursday (their two week birthday). Pocahontas was not using her back left leg very much. So far we have seen no injury or any reason why she isn't using it. The veterinarian pulled blood to test for diseases such as brucellosis, CL, and CAE. They do not show any signs of these conditions, but they must stay quarantined from the rest of the goats until we are sure that do not have anything that would contaminate our clean herd of goats.

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