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We sell our eggs for $3.00 a dozen.


A Healthy, Respectful Path


Our laying flock consists of very spoiled Cinnamon Queen and Red Star hens. Our "Ladies" enjoy a roomy coop which includes an obstacle course, a variety of roosts, and many nests made from a variety of materials. In addition to this coop they have a protected yard that shields them from predators in the sky, and full run of the whole property. They are best friends with the milking goats who are their immediate neighbors. 


Fresh air, clean water, sunlight, and a diverse and natural diet keep our girls happy and healthy through the hot and cold seasons. These pasture raised hens enjoy a diverse diet which helps them to be naturally more resistant to disease. As a result we reap the benefits of a superior egg product, which is higher in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 


Commercial birds are traditionally raised in confinement with access to the outdoors which could be just a small opening at the end of the house. This means that they rarely use the outdoor access as their food and water is indoors. Our chickens are raised in the pasture which categorizes them as free range, pastured poultry. This category is defined as "a sustainable agriculture technique that calls for the raising of laying chickens, meat chickens (broilers), and/or turkeys on pasture, as opposed to indoor confinement. Humane treatment and the perceived health benefits of pastured poultry are causing an increase in demand for such products."


The daily movement of the hens in our pastures provides the pastures with healthy cultivation and the added benefit of their nitrogen-rich chicken waste. Combining the chickens with the rotational goat grazing keeps our pastures healthy and productive throughout the growing season. In the winter when the pastures are deep with snow the ladies live closer to their coop. They are fed a good quality laying feed, scratch, and fodder. Fodder is sprouted grains which provide the girls with chlorophyll and protein which helps them to lay even in the short, cold days of winter. 


Farm Fresh Eggs

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