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We are selling fresh goats milk from our Alpine milk goats here at Dynamite Acres, I am working with a labratory in Idaho to get the milk tested and certified for human consumption, however, at this time I do not have the test results back so I am selling it as a cosmetic or pet milk. My family uses it and loves the milk. We drink it, cook with it, make soaps, and lotions. Our daughter has maldigestion of pasteurized milk so she has suffered many health issues due to not being able to drink or use pasteurized milk. Anyone out there that has tried to go on a dairy free diet knows how hard that can be. Since we switched to raw milk she is doing wonderful. She drinks multiple glasses of milk a day, uses the butter, cheese, and coffee creamer that I make from the milk without any negative side effects.


After the milk is 10+ days old we give it to our pigs. We have noticed that this has improved their skin tremendously. Especially our Berkshire hogs. Their skin seems to be more hydrated, and is not near as flaky. The white pigs had no problem with sunburns this last summer.


I offer two different sizes.

Quart: $3 for the milk + $5 deposit on the jar

Half Gallon: $6 for milk + $5 deposit for jar.


All of the jars are brand new and I will only take the same jars back in trade. I do not like to put the milk in jars that have been used for other produce.


Our milking process is as follows...


All milking pans are made from stainless steel. After each milking the pan is washed; then re-washed and sanitized in our dishwasher. When we get to the barn, the goats come running; they love the added attention of the milking process. They hop up in the milking stanchion voluntarily and we use an all natural, compostable cleaning wipe to clean the goats udder. The milker then washes their hand and milking begins! After milking the udder is cleaned again, the stanchion is wiped clean, the goat goes back to her pasture, and the process begins again with the next goat.


Once we are done milking we bring the milk directly into the house. It is never outside for more than 30 minutes after leaving the goat. We filter the milk into sanitized jars that we have designated as "milk jars". The jars then go in the freezer uncovered for 60 to 90 minutes. This super cooling of the milk helps to kill any harmful bacteria that might be present. After the milk has been chilled we place the milk lids and rings on the jars and move the milk into our milk refrigerator. Our milk refrigerator is set to keep the raw goats milk between 35 and 38 degrees. Keeping the freshness of the milk for as long as possible.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Raw Goats Milk

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