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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Our family wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving!

When you buy our eggs either directly from the farm or from the store you are getting eggs that are less than a week old. These eggs are extremely fresh. Therefore, as you start your Thanksgiving preparations you may run into trouble pealing the eggs that are hard boiled. There are a couple of tricks to hard boiling and pealing fresh eggs. When I boil eggs for Deviled Eggs or salads I add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda for every quart of water used. The baking soda raises the eggs pH level and make them easier to peel. I also pull the eggs directly out of the hot water and place them in ice cold water. I allow the eggs to sit in the cold water for 30 minutes or longer. Sometimes changing the water halfway through. I hope this helps. Thank you for supporting our farm!

Tiffany and "the Ladies" at Dynamite Acres.

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