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Spring Time, Busy Time

As many of you know, I teach Middle School as well as being a Mom, wife, farmer, daughter, and entrepreneur. I am sure that you have heard "There is no tired like end of the year teacher tired". Boy that so true for me this year! Regardless, things are busy and wonderful at Dynamite Acres! Gemma, our Saanen goat, had triplets!! We have milk in the freezer and we were ready to bottle feed, but thankfully it was not necessary. Gemma is doing a great job raising all three of the kids beautifully on her own! I am pleased to introduce you to Duchess, Emma, and Fredrick!

We are also trimming and working the apple orchard. The trees look great! We are preparing the garden, building the hoophouse, mowing the pastures, and spreading the manure to feed the pastures. The pastures are greening up and will soon be ready for the summer livestock rotations to begin.

We have checked in on the bee hives. We lost two hives to mice (darn critters), but we have several other hives that are going to split this year so we will be able to recover our numbers.. We currently have baby Rex and New Zealand rabbits! Our 100+ baby chicks are getting so big! They started going outside this week. We are also ordering our piglets from a local ranch in the next two weeks. Therefore, I will soon be taking orders for half and whole hogs. The hogs will be ready to butcher around Thanksgiving. The pigs will be raised on goats milk, garden vegetables, apples, and locally grown corn/barley mixture. There is nothing better than a beautiful Christmas Ham!! We will be scheduling the hogs with Tizer Meats in Helena, MT; or Amsterdam Meat Shop in Manhattan, MT. Please contact me if you are interested in getting on our list. Customer is responsible for processing fees, we will be delivering the pigs for you. We are happy to discuss other options if you would like to use a different facility or process the animal yourself.

To say the least spring is a busy time for us, and we are loving it!

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