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Summer Heat and Summer Treats!

We are all making the most of the hot days at Dynamite Acres. The chickens are enjoying being outside from sun up to sun down foraging by the creek, and enjoying the shade of our many mature trees. In additional to getting clean, cold water a couple of times a day; they also get "chicksicles" in the afternoon. We make the "chicksicles" by putting water and vegtables (or anything else they like) in ice cube trays, freeze them, then dump the "chicksicles" out for the girls to enjoy.

The pigs are rotating on and off of the pastures, and get ice cold goats milk once a day. They love their mud holes in their pens too. Most of the hot afternoons are spent laying around in the mud.

The goats are also rotating on and off of the pastures, including some intensely supervised time in the orchard. They enjoy the orchard immensely, but the ornery goats are hard on my trees.

The garden is going strong, and the flowers are in bloom which makes our bee hives very active.

The rabbits are in their nice cool barn with multiple fans going and they get frozen water bottles every afternoon. They also enjoy their afternoon snack of cattails. Yummy!!

We wish you a happy and safe summer!

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